A Typical Day at The PEAC Preschool​


Students are greeted by their teacher in The Letters and Numbers Jungle Room. They gather together and sing their welcome song and learn about the letter of the week. They enjoy Silly Sentence time where they sound out words and create sentences. During the year, our goal is to prepare your child for academic success, primarily in reading and math. 

9:05 AM​     

Child in Carseat.png

Little Learners are dropped off in our convenient and safe drop-off lane. No need to get out of the car and walk your child inside. Your child is personally escorted by a caring PEAC Team Member safely inside. 

9:00 AM​     

9:45 AM​     

Children are headed for fun as they walk upstairs to the turf field. Today they are continuing their unit on Soccer. They are learning how to take a first touch and make a simple pass. During the year, your child will experience eight different athletic modules, including: Rock Climbing, Yoga, Olympics, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Gymnastics, and Balance & Agility.

soccer 2.jpg

10:25 AM​     


The class moves to The Art, Science, & Engineering Space Room. Today, they are learning how to program a robot by creating an instruction log, programming that in, then testing their program and making needed corrections (for example, it needed to go two spaces forward instead of one before turning left). During the year, your child will be enjoying a hands-on approach to arts, science, and engineering projects. After working so hard, it's time for a break. Children wash their hands and enjoy snack time together.

11:05 AM​     

It's time for more adventure as students enter The Under the Sea Performing Arts Room! Today, children will continue their unit on Dynamics by learning about Fortissimo and Pianissimo. They will then transform into their favorite super heroes. Creative play is important at this age as children are learning to find strength in using their own voice. At The PEAC Preschool, we love seeing students grow into happy, confident children.


11:45 AM​     


At the end of the day, happy children are picked up, somewhat exhausted and ready for a nap. Once again, drivers do not need to leave their cars as children are safely loaded into their cars by PEAC Team Members.