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Fine Arts, Science, & Engineering

At The PEAC Preschool, we love to help children discover the wonder of the world around us! Preschoolers are inherently curious by nature. We use that curiosity to expand their understanding of the world through art and science. The PEAC is excited to bring the world to life inside its Art, Science, & Engineering Labs.

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Young Artist


Children are fascinated with art from a young age. It is how they define the world around them. They discover it in lines, colors, shapes, textures and movement. At The PEAC Preschool, we give each preschooler many opportunities to express himself with different art mediums. This enhances his self-esteem as well as his sense of wonder.


Art can be explored in literature, math, science, music, language arts - even in athletics. 

Art is amazing because there is no right or wrong, black or white. It is open to interpretation and no matter the age or skill level, children can feel free to express themselves in a creative environment. Students will create their own masterpieces as they study the art of the Great Masters.



  • Discover Patterns
  • Explore the Scientific Method
  • Scientific Experimentation
  • Small Group Interaction
  • Reinforce the Importance of Try, Try Again!


  • Hands-On Sensory Activities 
  • Individual and Group Learning Exercises
  • Examine Elements of Science & Nature
  • Study how things are made
  • Design, Build, and Test Simple Machines (Catapults, Pulleys, etc.) 

At The PEAC Preschool, we understand the extreme importance of laying a solid foundation in the earliest years of learning. It is our privilege to be entrusted with this significant responsibility.

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