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Power Pre-K
2, 3 or 5-Day Program

Power Pre-K offers three 55 minute class rotations. This allows more one on one time with their teachers, extra skill building in athletics, and opportunities to stretch academically. 


Our five day program has extra emphasis on academics and athletics. Five day students get more one on one time with their teachers. They spend more time strengthening their phonemic awareness and practicing beginning reading and writing skills. They strengthen social skills and form close friendships with classmates they see daily. They learn engaging songs and perform in our regular programs. They complete extra art and enrichment projects that other classes don’t have time for. 


Our 3 Day Power Pre-K Program helps students increase their capacity and build a routine at school. Students will increase their phonemic awareness, learn to identify letters and their sounds, and practice beginning reading skills. Students have more opportunities to work one on one with their teachers. They have more time to learn and develop new skills in athletics. They explore their creative sides in hands on art projects and performing arts activities. Weekly science activities promote curiosity and time for exploration.


Our 2 Day Power Pre-K program is our regular 2-day program elevated. They focus more on early literacy and work one on one with their teacher. They have more opportunities for science and involvement in enrichment activities. More time in each class allows for more in depth hands on learning.

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