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The PEAC Preschool Curriculum

Nurturing the "Whole Child"

(Click on each subject for detailed description)

     While The PEAC Preschool is technically the largest preschool in Utah, we are thrilled to maintain the personalized, small classes we have been pleased to offer for the past 7 years. Our beautiful 23,000-square-foot building houses a world-class preschool, complete with furnishings and amenities that encourage imagination, athletic aptitude, and joyful learning in a safe and nurturing environment. 

      Located in Pleasant Grove, The PEAC Preschool is Utah County's premier preschool for Academics, The Arts, and Athletics. We have gathered the best curricula to enrich and nurture the "whole child," sought out and found the most qualified and caring teachers, and have built the most stunning preschool space in all of Utah, complete with themed rooms and gigantic indoor and outdoor fields!  

Our small classes allow us to tailor activities to aid and challenge children on all levels of learning.
  • Our classes are divided by age: 
    • Tiny Tots: 3- and 4-year-olds (starting kindergarten in two years)​
    • Pre-K: 4- and 5-year-olds (starting kindergarten the next fall)
  • Rotations: Throughout the week, your child will rotate throughout several classes, which will include many of the following modules (click on each subject for more in-depth information): 
  • Each of the four daily class rotations provides concentrated focus on each of the following subjects:
  • The unique curriculum at The PEAC Preschool is integrated between each class which gives our students a well-rounded learning experience, reinforcing lessons in various ways to solidify understanding for all learning styles.
  • We know how important nutrition and fitness are to your child's health. We have healthy snack time each day to give your child some brain food, develop social interaction, and encourage great manners. We are also very excited to offer an Athletic program in our schedules that will promote healthy habits at a young age.
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