Indoor Turf Field Rentals

The PEAC does have a limited availability of turf field rentals available for soccer or speed and agility.  


As of October 1, 2019 we have a few limited rental times available - mostly after 9 pm.  Rentals are done by the hour from November through March 15 and renters must rent their time/day for the entire rental period.  For example, if you rent Monday from 5-6 then you would be required to rent each Monday from 5-6 for the entire rental period.  2018 Rental fees are $75/hour for a small field (approximately 60x90 feet) or $150/hour for the full field.

The PEAC has a high-end polyester turf that does not utilize any infill (NO black rubber tire beads or sand) or contain nylon threads (less turf burn).  It is FIFA rated for roll and bounce and meets the NFL standards for concussions.  Non-metal cleats are allowed along with regular and turf shoes.  

The PEAC is a preschool during the day and the preschool children participate in a structured athletic program utilizing the facilities and our athletic turf field area is generally designed to be used by children under 14.  

We do not have any rentals on Saturdays as we run limited Futsal leagues on Saturdays for 07,08, and 09 age groups.

We reserve the right to limit, change, or refuse rentals for any reason.  

If you would like to inquire about rentals, please send your name, team (if soccer - current league and division), size and age of group that will be using the facility, activity to be performed (soccer or speed and agility), and times and days you would be interested in renting to