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“…the AAP strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school. The importance of in-person learning is well-documented, and there is already evidence of the negative impacts on children because of school closures in the spring of 2020.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics

At The PEAC Preschool, your child's safety is our top priority!

Our primary purpose is to provide the best early childhood education to your child in a safe and loving environment.

We have taken great effort and spared no expense to ensure that The PEAC Preschool is the safest place your child can be outside of your care.

We run extensive background checks on all of our teachers and anyone who may come in contact with your child.

A Message to Our Families

Hello Parents~


     First of all, we wish to say Thank You for choosing The PEAC. We know there are many choices out there for Preschools and for Athletics. We appreciate your confidence in us and want you to know of our sincere appreciation as well as our strong commitment to you to provide a wonderful and safe experience for your children.

     During this pandemic, we feel that it is best for children to experience a childhood as "normal" as possible. This is difficult when the world is experiencing so much change. Children are especially vulnerable to the confusion, fear and stress caused by these uncertain times. We are doing everything in our power to provide stability and a place of safety for these children you have placed in our care. 


Air Filtration & Purification

  • Even before Corona-19 made its way to America, The PEAC had installed special equipment to monitor indoor air quality including PM 2.5, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), CO2, and Natural Gas. Each classroom has advanced air filters (certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) that trap and reduce VOCs as well as germ-specific filters that effectively reduce and trap bacteria, mold spores, and particles that carry viruses. When we built the PEAC, we installed UV-C air purification systems to help provide the best possible environment for your child.

  • Blue-Tube Germicidal UV Systems are currently being added inside the PEAC's return duct and outflow systems. These apparati have been proven to kill airborne bacteria and viruses, leaving the circulated air clean and pure for all who enter.

Disinfection & Sanitation

  • High contact surfaces (handrails, doorknobs, tables, counters, sinks, toilets) will be disinfected continually throughout the day with CDC recommended cleaning standards.

  • Students will be taught and supervised in correct hand washing techniques and wash hands frequently throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms and common areas.

Social Distancing


  • Limited access to lobby and preschool areas by parents and visitors. Drop off/Pick up lane will be used as students arrive and depart. This allows us to control safe distancing of our students as they arrive and leave the building.

  • Large classrooms and small class sizes will allow us to distance children as much as possible when they are seated.


  •  The PEAC will not be requiring children to wear masks while at school.

We are excited to have students return to the halls of The PEAC this fall. We are committed to do all we can to provide a safe, healthy, and protected environment for them to learn and grow. We will keep you informed of additional policies and protocol changes as we navigate this fluid and evolving situation. We thank you again for choosing The PEAC and look forward to serving your family.


Kindest Regards~

Jake Carter & Jennie Johnson, Owners

The PEAC Preschool

The Pinnacle Education & Athletic Center

Safety Features

       Although it is unlikely that many of the safety features of the PEAC will ever be used, we have integrated several unique features that protect your child every day, many of which we will not disclose or discuss. The PEAC has a monitored and dedicated entrance and exit point once school is in session. The PEAC does not allow any unaccompanied adult to be in the preschool during school hours. The PEAC is the only preschool in Utah that has a specific "fortified" space that is large enough for all children to enter in case of an emergency. All classrooms are video monitored and include windows between classrooms, at adult height, for open viewing. The safety and care of your child is our number one concern.

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