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      Your child's safety is our top priority!  Our primary purpose is to provide the best early childhood education to your child in a safe and loving environment. We have taken great effort and spared no expense to ensure that Stepping Stones is the safest place your child can be outside of your care. We run extensive background checks on all of our teachers and anyone who may come in contact with your child.


       The PEAC even monitors indoor air quality including PM 2.5, VOCs, and CO2. Each classroom has advanced air filters (certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) that trap and reduce VOCs as well as germ-specific filters that effectively reduce and trap bacteria, mold spores, and particles that carry viruses - helping to provide the best possible environment for your child.

       Although it is unlikely that many of the safety features of the PEAC will ever be used, we have integrated several unique features that protect your child every day. The PEAC has a monitored and dedicated entrance and exit point once school is in session. The PEAC does not allow any unaccompanied adult to be in the preschool during school hours. The PEAC is the only preschool in Utah that has a specific "fortified" space that is large enough for all children to enter in case of an emergency. All classrooms are video monitored and include windows between classrooms, at adult height, for open viewing.

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