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Once upon a time, a preschool was created in the basement of a wedding center. It was a wonderful, enchanting preschool, full of joy and discovery for children. The teachers there loved and cared for each child, nurturing each one to reach their individual potential and acquire a solid foundation for future learning. Magic happened every day in that little school. Not only were most of the children graduating as emergent readers, but other great skills were being taught on a daily basis. Manners and the importance of friendship and other important building blocks were added to the character lessons  For many years, this five-room preschool served many wonderful little learners in the land. However, it soon became evident that a new home was needed to support the growing number of families who wanted their children to attend a great Utah County preschool. 

One day, a kind gentleman stopped by to inquire about the vacant lot across the street. He wanted to build a giant indoor soccer field. This was an intriguing idea to the owner of the preschool as most people who had asked about the property wanted to build storage units or something that just didn't seem to fit. As the two discussed possibilities over the next several months, the idea of The PEAC Preschool was born -- a preschool that could combine an athletic curriculum into an already stellar academic and arts preschool curriculum. The huge indoor field would also be used for after school soccer trainings.

Plans were drawn up, including every bell and whistle that could ever be imagined in a preschool. Each classroom was designed and prepared in a way that inspired imagination and encouraged learning at many levels. As both partners were committed to building a creative and functional space, each large classroom took on a life of its own. Tree Houses and a spaceship were built, murals were painted, trees, fish, a log cabin, even a pirate ship were made at home within the walls of this amazing space. Everything was built with a special purpose in mind -- to promote children in every way possible to use their imaginations and to see the world in a new and exciting way. Even the murals on the hallway walls were designed to encourage imagination, kindness and respect of others. As the new partner was as passionate about safety as he was about soccer, no expense was spared to create the most secure environment for the children who would be entering the doors of The PEAC.

Although The PEAC Preschool is literally the largest preschool West of the Mississippi River, one thing that was of utmost importance to EVERYONE in moving the preschool to the new building was that we did not want to lose the personal touches that were so prevalent in the smaller space. Although so many things could be easily scaled (i.e. size of room, number of children, etc.), we wanted to make sure that we didn't lose the connections we have enjoyed so much over the years with families. In short, we didn't want to lose the "Heart" of the preschool

Every child is born with special gifts and a unique personality. In 2011, a preschool was created in the basement of Stone Gate, across the street from the current building. We worked hard to build a preschool that would enrich the lives of as many children as possible, to help them find their voice, and to establish a lifelong love of learning at a young age.

At The PEAC Preschool, we understand that each child learns in many ways, often differently from the "cookie cutter" learning centers around.

     The PEAC Preschool (formerly Stepping Stones Preschool), has been enriching the lives of children since 2011, providing excellence in Academics and The Arts.

    With the vast majority of The PEAC Preschool students graduating from our 2-year program as emergent readers with a sound comprehension of fundamental math and science concepts, our waiting list was getting larger as our space seemed smaller.

    In 2018, The Pinnacle Education and Athletic Center, "The PEAC," was specifically designed and built to provide students with the largest, safest, and most unique preschool facility in Utah and to allow for the addition of a full physical and athletic development program to our curriculum - the only one of its kind.

    Our caring team and award-winning curriculum make The PEAC Preschool stand out in a league all its own. We invite you to schedule a tour today to discover all the reasons The PEAC Preschool is a great fit for you and your child.

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