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11,000 square feet of indoor turf training

During after-school hours, The PEAC transitions to the center for Athletic excellence offering two full indoor futsal-sized turf fields for speed and agility training, soccer classes, private and small-group training, and small futsal leagues. Providing elite soccer training in Utah County is what we do best.
    In addition, The PEAC maintains a full 9v9 outdoor soccer field for games, athletics, and training.

    The PEAC has invested in the latest training tools to provide its athletes with the best technology.

  • Indoor Turf - We have 11,000 square feet of indoor turf training space that can be used as one large field or two futsal-sized fields (each futsal-sized field is approximately 90x60 feet).

    • Futsal Leagues​ (November through March)

    • X-Elite Small Group Soccer Trainings

    • Speed and Agility Trainings

    • Available for Team Rentals 

  • Outdoor Field - Over an acre of manicured grass fields lined as a 9v9 soccer field, available for home game rentals

  • Athlete Development Program (ADP) - Click here to register for our Winter 2022-23 ADP Training beginning November 2022.

  • Youth Futsal LeaguesClick here to register for our 2022-23 futsal leagues.  We are currently offering leagues for boys and girls birth years 2013 and 2014.

  • X-Elite Soccer TrainingClick here to register for our X-Elite small-group soccer training beginning November 2022 for boys and girls with birth years 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

  • Equipment - The PEAC provides the best training tools for its athletes:

    • TOCA Automatic Soccer Ball Machines - Allowing for precision repetition and training 

    • For soccer training, The PEAC provides multiple sizes of training goals and outdoor standard-sized goals as well as multiple other training tools

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Futsal Leagues

Athlete Development Program

X-Elite Academy

Field Rentals

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