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Students rotate through 4 uniquely engaging classes every school day: Letters & Numbers, Performing Arts, Athletics,
and Art & Science

Letters and Numbers

Our academic curriculum is the core of everything we do at PEAC Preschool. Academics are integrated into every rotation and are the focus of our Letters and Numbers classes. 

   •    Name Recognition and Writing
   •    Identify and Isolate Sounds in Words 
   •    Upper and Lower Case Letter Recognition and sounds 
   •    Directionality of print
   •    Reading Comprehension
   •    Sight words and decodable words
   •    Number Recognition
   •    Number Sense
   •    Addition 
   •    Home Readers for PreK students 


Performing Arts

Our performing arts classes focus on Music, Drama, and Imaginative Play.


  • Prepare songs for Halloween, Christmas, and Spring/Graduation Programs

  • Sing fun seasonal songs 

  • Play rhythm instruments

  • Learn basic music theory and dynamics.

Drama and Imaginative Play:

  • Puppets

  • Nursery Rhymes

  • Movement, Rhythm, and Simple Dance

  • Stage Presence and Voice Projection



Thanks to our 11,000 sq. ft. indoor turf our students stay active and enjoy learning new sports regardless of the weather!  We focus on 9  Athletics modules:

  • Soccer

  • Gymnastics

  • Basketball

  • Climbing/Rappelling

  • Baseball

  • Football

  • Volleyball

  • Olympic Sports

  • Yoga

  • Field Hockey

Students love our Fun Fridays (and Thursdays): fun activities and sports like kickball, dodgeball, parachute games, and more!


Art and Science


  • Create art using many different mediums

  • Learn about renowned artists and craft art inspired by their works

  • Art and Literature Projects

  • Develop/Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

  • Find Shapes and Colors in Art

  • Seasonal Art Projects

  • Process Art


  • ​Experiments in: Physics, Chemistry, Biology    

  • Early Coding with Robots

  • Science fun with Elephant toothpaste, dancing raisins, and more!

  • Learn about fossils and habitats 

  • Introduction to the Scientific Method


Staci N.

"We love PEAC preschool! This is my daughter's first year of preschool and we are so glad we enrolled her here. She is so active and we loved that they incorporate an athletic program in with their learning. All of the teachers are amazing and patient with the kids. They are wonderful! Thank you for expanding my daughter's mind and helping her to learn new things!!"
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